Founder Message

Founder Message

The mission of our institution is to prepare graduates who are equipped not just with theoretical knowledge but also with a keen understanding of its application, thus furnishing them with the right kind of skillset to attain professional success and to lead in their chosen domains. Our transformative educational experience is led by teachers who are well-credentialed professionals with wide-ranging industry experience and exposure so that our students gain vital insights into destination industries and professional domains.

From well-resourced contemporary campuses integrated with state of the art equipment, quality teaching, print and digital resources, sporting facilities to student community activities, we offer our students a holistic learning and self-development experience. We are committed to providingour students with the support and development that can prepare them fully for their professional journeys. The model of education we offer transforms our learners into capable, reflective and action-oriented practitioners along with the intellectual wherewithal and passion for activism to act as agents of change in their respective communities. In addition to academic modules, our students benefit from professional trainings and workshops aimed at developing their ‘soft skills’.

Our most distinctive feature is the spectrum of transnational educational qualifications we offer in collaboration with prestigious international partners which impart rigor, innovativeness and quality to our programs. These partnerships allow us to offer quality education and international credentialing at a fraction of the cost for a similar educational experience abroad to our students right at their doorstep.


Offering academic programs in collaboration with international educational partners under the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s (HEC) TNE policy, we ensure quality and rigor in program implementation by adhering to theawarding universities’ quality assurance mechanisms and procedures. This includes the following processes:

  • Undertaking regular self-assessment and audits to fulfilall requirements of the foreign university partners in assuring the maintenance of academic standards.
  • Using the Quality Assurance Department to monitor and regulate the maintenance of academic quality through internal quality assurance mechanisms and processes