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Umaama Nauman

Hello! My name is Umaama Nauman. I am currently doing BSc Business Management from Roots IVY International University. So today, I will be telling you about a wonderful experience, which changed my life. Ever since I was a little kid I have had this immense passion for cooking. And the fact is that I love eating even more. Therefore, this passion of mine increased day by day. I used to try new recipes with my mother when I was younger. Fortunately, now I am a professional home baker. I have an online page as well where I show my cooking/baking skills, which has flourished the page with so many cakes, and confectionaries I have made in many years.

I have several cookbooks and mostly invest in kitchen appliances. I follow a variety of cooking channels on Pinterest; and I have a large collection of digital recipes. I watch baking and cooking shows on Netflix as well. I love hosting parties and cooking huge feasts for everyone. Experimenting with recipes or using my imagination to create my own dishes is an everyday thing for me. I have many hobbies but the most important one is cooking and baking. The pleasure I get from cooking and baking is incomparable.

Since this pandemic has started, being in the kitchen and turning ingredients into delicious dishes has been a rejuvenating experience for me. Therefore, in my opinion, I believe cooking and baking is the best productive time killer. Moreover, one can gain financial benefit from it through online pages and websites etc. .

Khawaja Mubasher Faisal

Covid-19, the Pandemic

The “Coronavirus Virus” knows as “COVID-19” out broke in the year 2019. As we all know, the virus was an, unknown to the world itself and now has turned into a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 has claimed over millions of life worldwide and yet no cure seems to be on its way. However, we do have a non-medical precautionary medicine, which is, “Taking Precautions”. Stay home and do not travel unnecessarily, wear a facemask and protective gears, use hand sanitizers frequently to avoid any germ from coming into contact with your skin, avoid social gathering and maintain social distancing, wash your hands and face after 3 to 4 hours regularly and do not take any symptom light and get your self-tested, and if you are affected, quarantine yourself for a better health and the safety of your loved ones.

Virtual Learning, the School of the “Future”

Virtual learning, the mechanism adopted by the world, to continue with the daily life proceedings and most importantly, for the education of their child. Lately, due to the pandemic outbreak, schools, colleges and universities were forced to close for the better health of their students and adopt virtual teaching, which turned out to be a perfect venture. Students at home, find in it the ease that they can take their classes without rushing to take them. It’s just like attending a normal class, instead of your physical presence, you are present virtually. Most importantly, you’re safe from any danger of catching the virus so, you’re learning and you’re protected at the same time!

Equality: The forgotten player in the Race of Accountability

Over the past two and a half years there has been an aggressive and consistent deterioration in the reputation and running of the country’s premier accountability watchdog, NAB. It has been used by former civilian governments against each other who made full use of its unbridled powers to punish opposition politicians while in power.

However, this time in the year, opposition is contending that NAB has gone off the rails, making arrests willy-nilly without the necessary evidence to effectively prosecute and get convictions and is solely being used to silence Imran Khan’s political opponents who are unwilling to bend over backwards to accommodate his ‘vision for the country’.

As a result questions as to the Accountability of NAB itself are arising. Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq alleged that the accountability process is being carried out in a “unilateral, oppressive and illegal manner” in the country.

It is patently clear that NAB law is only there for politicians. Hence, Opposition have submitted a requisition notice for Senate session to take up a number of crucial political matters including a discussion on the performance of NAB and the ‘verification of degrees, domicile certificates and asset declaration of NAB authorities/officials’.

Let’s hope that this move to requisition the Senate session will most certainly promote ‘Equality’ that got left behind in the race of accountability by the antigraft watchdog.

Marwa Rana

The Universality Of Covid-19

The catastrophic, global consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. From the shift to online learning after the near-total closure of schools and universities, to the standard operating procedure of wearing a mask in public at all times, Covid-19 has touched every single walk of life as well as every single life on earth. The uncanny reality is that for the first time in a long time the whole world is together. The whole world is fighting together. The whole world is struggling against the same impalpable enemy as each other. The losses, the triumphs, the victories, the defeats are all ours, all of us’. The world world is dying, the whole world is recuperating. While the virus that has killed millions, pushed even more to poverty and continues to do so, wreaks havoc on the planet, humanity is surely realising the universal fact that we all mourn the same, suffer the same, feel the same, and celebrate the same. This microscopic, intangible particle has blurred every divide between us and has driven us to unite in this universal battle. And we will win, slowly but surely, for we are together, for we are one

Laiba Haroon

Hello everyone! I am Laiba Haroon and I am currently studying HND Fashion and Textile at Roots IVY university. Today, I will be telling about my experience with writing, how I got fond of it and how it soothes me. Writing is now my passion and it is really close to my heart.
Since class 5th I have always read books, short stories and novels, they were my best friends. Other than this English was my favorite subject and I was always eager to write essays. I loved to participate in every creative writing or essay writing competitions.
With time, I started writing down my feelings into a diary and I also discovered new and famous writers.
The first time I thought that I could become a writer was in my O levels when I was extremely tensed and wrote a prose that almost every student can relate to.
I have recently made a writing blog on Instagram and I hope to spread positively through my content. The words that I write are simple yet unique and almost everyone can relate to them. I always pour out my thoughts in words.