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  • Manahil Mustafa


    I have been studying at Roots IVY International University affiliated with Bedfordshire University since one and a half years now. I’ve not only achieved academic success but also I’ve made a treasure of memories at the campus. The teachers here are very kind and helpful towards the students, which made me comfortable asking them for any kind of assistance at any time because they make sure they are available to listen to the queries of student. In addition to this, there are many activities for entertainment of students and my badminton skills also flourished since I practice it during free time. The university encourages group work due to which I learned the value of teamwork. All in all, the university provides students a friendly yet disciplined environment, which is important for growth and learning.

  • Nida Tahir


    Roots IVY International University has been a remarkable journey up till now and I hope this journey leaves me with a bunch of good memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. From teachers to friends, everyone has been very kind and supportive in many ways which made me achieve my study goals and which motivated me to thrive better. I have been able to learn new skills, make new friends and take part in different activities because of the friendly environment it provides. Roots IVY International University knows how to produce crème of nation, I have faith in my teachers, and myself, I will be one of them. My university has taught me the importance of being disciplined in life, which has helped me not in just university life but also other aspects of life.

  • Shahaan Zafar


    BSc Business management (HND) course offered by ROOTS IVY UNIVERSITY, is one the most comprehensive, interactive and holistic programs that I’ve had the opportunity to be part of, which enables the student to develop a wholesome approach to academia and the practical application in the business world. Roots Ivy University also offers an online program, which has productively helped the students in this prevailing pandemic situation.

  • Neha Asad


    I have been a student of Roots IVY International for almost 2 years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a phenomenal university. There is an equal balance of learning, activities and reviewing information. The management is very accommodating and they are implementing all the necessary rules to keep the students safe during this COVID situation. The institution organized online classes as a precaution against the pandemic and I was very much satisfied with the way the classes were conducted. The teachers were well equipped with the technical skills required for the whole virtual process. Guidance was provided throughout the lectures and the staff made sure that each and every concern of the student be addressed. Overall, I highly recommend people to join Roots IVY as it will definitely bring great opportunities for its students.

  • Manahil Tariq


    My name is Manahil Tariq. I am enrolled in the worthy HND programme of Roots IVY International college. Roots has proven time and again that it provides the most excellent quality of education available. Of course, everyone is different and they have their own strengths and weakness but it’s all about finding new strengths and converting weakness into strength. This is made possible by the astonishing support from our honorable teachers, which I think I can never encounter in any other institution other than Roots IVY. Our teachers have constantly been a source of inspiration and have guided us throughout our degree. During the unfortunate pandemic, the teachers of Roots IVY had offered a whole variety of resources to aid our learning and had engaged in modern communication technology to compliment our learning. I would also like to appreciate and recognize the efforts made by Mam Javeria who has been there for us in each and every step of our distinguished journey.

  • Maleeha Sheikh


    The first time I stepped into Roots IVY International University I got to know that this is the place where you can get an International Degree just by studying here. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to go into business and have my own business but when I found out about Roots Business School who frequently use the word ‘Entrepreneur’ I knew this was the right place for me. Therefore, I chose BSc Business Management degree and now I have completed one and a half years. Majoring in Business Management makes it possible to have a wide variety interest one can go for. For example, marketing, finance and you can pretty do any job, which involves business. So it made it really possible for me to pursue this degree and make my dreams come true because I knew I wanted a bachelor’s degree but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to get there but I knew I wanted to work my way through so the BSc Business Management was the right plan for me. Over here, I have my academic and social life experience which can help me broader my eye view and make me more outgoing and more positive. Being in this university has allowed me to actually make new friends so now they are like a family to me.

  • Rida Shahid


    I have been a part of Roots Ivy international University from almost two years now. I am currently enrolled in BSc Business and management programme which is affiliated with University of London. My experience with Roots Ivy has been amazing. The time and efforts invested in our growth by our faculty is phenomenal. Not only we get to enhance our academic skills but also this place provides us with platforms to work on our personal development. The most important lesson this place taught me is the balance between studies and life. I could study for a test and still enjoy playing badminton. Isn’t that great? Studying with this institution, you don’t have to give up on your passion of co-curricular activities. The friendly and welcoming environment of this institution is one of its best qualities. You get to meet people with great mindsets and cherish friendships for a lifetime. Choosing Roots Ivy as my university is one of the best decisions i have ever taken for myself.

  • Taha Pervaiz


    I am a student of BSc Accounting and Finance here at Roots IVY, the only institute that provides International degree only by studying here. The support of my teachers helped me gain my academic goals and do better in every field. I learnt to keep a balance between studies, extracurricular activities and friendships. The teachers create a friendly environment with their students which makes the learning and communication much easier. The management of Roots IVY is much concerned about the student’s success so even in the Pandemic online classes were arranged and the teachers were well prepared for the virtual process as well.

  • Muhammad Azun


    I am currently studying BSc in Business management from Roots IVY and I must say that this institute is the best. It not only helped me gain academic success but also polished my personality. The staff of Roots IVY is very cooperative with their students and are also encouraging them to engage in co-curricular activities as well. My experience here has made me more positive, confident and outgoing. I made a bunch of great friends who are like a family to me now. Even during the difficult times of Pandemic, this institute was always there for its students and used the modern means of technology for our classes so we won’t lack behind.

  • Laiba Haroon


    I have been studying HND Fashion and Textile at Roots IVY since 2019. When I initially came into this field I knew nothing about arts but this institute helped me enhance my skills. The teachers here are always available for their students and are not only helpful but friendly and kind as well. The management is very cooperative with the students and is always thriving to make this institute better. Roots IVY polished my skills, it also gave me confidence and by coming here I evolved positively as a person. I must say that this institute is one of the best.

  • Asad Sheikh


    I had joined Roots IVY back in 2015 for O/A levels and it is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Currently I’m doing BSc from Roots IVY and the university is offering a variety of courses to choose from, plus the faculty here is highly professional and friendly. I’ve gained a lot from this place, both educationally and practically which will help me throughout my life. It’s like my second home, proud to be a part of it.

  • Haadiya Mudassir


    I must say that I study in the most prestigious institute of our city. Studying HND Business opened a door of new opportunities for me and helped me achieve my goals with the help of the most supportive teachers. Other than this our teachers encourage us to do group work which made me learn the value of teamwork and leadership. There is a balance between studies and extracurricular activities in this institute which is very important. I made a bundle of memories in my campus and I am grateful that I joined Roots IVY.

  • Dilawar Zahid


    As a student we all look forward to having a great university life. Spending their university years out of town is a golden opportunity most kids don't want to miss out on. However, for some missing this opportunity is a good thing. Turns out I am the latter kind. I joined Roots University in 2019, I am currently enrolled in HND business management. This is a two-year Diploma program, by Pearson, which after the third (top up) year, will turn into a degree from one of the leading Universities of UK. After coming to roots I realized it’s not the campus that gives you a good university life, it’s the people there, and to be honest I have met great people here. As an only child, it is difficult to stay apart from my parents, thanks to Roots, for giving me the opportunity to study close to my parents and get an international degree.

  • Saad Zahid


    I have been a part of Roots Ivy International University’s experience for almost two years now. This university is affiliated with University of London and provides quality education, a base for professional and social grooming. I achieved academic success, and found friends to last a lifetime. The best part is how I am getting an opportunity to get an internationally recognized degree along with the comfort of my city and my home. I do not have to leave the country and my family for extended period of times. I get to learn from the best professors of the field who support and guide us in every step of our educational journey. They were quick to adapt to the online learning system due to covid 19 restrictions, and even when the whole world struggled, our classes were conducted smoothly. We learn how to improvise, how to behave, and most importantly how to think here.

  • Manahil Tariq


    Learning at Roots Ivy International is an amazing experience for me as a student. It has provided me a number of opportunities and entrepreneurial learning. Even in this pandemic situation the efforts of university management were appreciable. Virtual classes were arranged and I did not find it hard to follow the lectures and participate in group projects.

  • Laiba Zahid


    Roots Ivy University offers a diverse range of international degrees. Staying in your very own city and still getting a internationally recognized degree is the most amazing feature of this institution. It also provides you with a platform to interact with people of varying academic backgrounds. This place enhances your academic skills along with providing you a plenty of opportunities for personal growth. Roots Ivy has helped me shape my professional and personal life. It has a very cooperative management and I’m glad that I’m a part of this incredible institution.
    Roots ivy provides a platform meeting range of diverse range of students. They offer range of UOL programs for economics, finance and social science degrees. Isn't that great? Staying in your very own city and still getting a internationally recognized degree.